SAG Eligible

Performer Profile

Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 4 in
Weight: 120 lbs
Age Range: 18 - 35
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Voice Type: Alto

Del Corral & Associates, Terry McNeal, Agent
1010 Common, New Orleans LA, 70112 United States
Phone: 504 324 3782  email:
The O Agency, Lynette O Connor, Agent
P.O. Box 6887, Albuquerque NM, 87197 United States
Phone: 505 344 3149   email:

Donna Baldwin Talent, Kathleen Ham, Agent
2237 W. 30th Ave Denver, Colorado 80211 United States
Phone: 303 561 1199   email:
•      Something Better                                       Miriam                       Chestnut Tree Films
•      Legacy of the Tengu                                   Yurei                          Asgard Entertainment
•      Every November  Thao    Shooting Star Entertainment
•      Cheese!                                                       Leslie                         Pepper Media
•      Ten Steps                                                    Ellen                         Chestnut Tree Films
•      With Honors                                              Estra                          Perplexity Pictures
•      Somewhere between Hoi An and Nails       Huyen                Boone Pictures
•      Winds of Fate                                             Fate                           CFS Productions
•      Summer of Silence                              Christine CollinsOld Kingdom Productions
•      Looking for Lucid Santona       Cornered Tumbleweed Productions
•      Narcissists Anonymous                      Sheila Crane        Filmworks West
•      Good News Aspen                               Miss Vivienne    Grassroots TV
•       A Midsummer Night's Dream             Hermia               Hudson Reed Ensemble
•       A Christmas Cactus                                    Cactus  O Riley         73rd Avenue Theatre
•       The Crisis Company                            Various Roles     The Crisis Company
•       Straight Sitting                                    Various Roles     GhostCry Productions
•       Richard III                                          Lady Anne          Ewerton de Castro
•       Scenes of Bertold Brecht                    The Bum            Bete Dorgan
Performer Skills
Performance Skills: Teleprompter, Comedian, Singing, Improvisation
Athletic Skills: Cycling, Skiing, Hiking
Spoken Languages: Portuguese, Spanish
Musical Instruments: Piano, Guitar
Dance: Club/Freestyle
•       Kathryn Brink, Casting Director , Audition Workshop, Albuquerque NM
•       Helen McCready, Casting Director, Audition Techniques, Denver CO
      Clair Sinnet, Casting Director , Acting for Film and Theater Workshop, Prescott AZ
Front Range Acting, Acting for Film and TV, Denver CO
Theatre Aspen, Acting, Aspen CO
Lance Hubp, Acting Coach, Acting for Film, Aspen CO
Ewerton de Castro Drama Institute, Professional Actress, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Employment Details
Work History: Industrial, Film, Video, Theater, Commercial, Television
Job Categories: Acting, Producing, Script Writing
Authorized to work in United States: Yes
Valid Passport: Yes

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